Fair trade beverage packaging is nice in more than one way

LemonAid Beverages GmbH is launching these beverages with a subtle minimalist design in Germany now and later this Fall throughout Europe. Swedish design firm BVD designed the packages. Not only are these very nicely designed, but most of the proceeds will go toward social purposes managed by the manufacturer.

ChariTea is freshly brewed with natural fruit juice added, as opposed to ice teas that are made from extracts. It will launched in three flavors initially, and all are labeled totally ecological and fair trade. LemonAid, is aimed to be served in bars, and can be used either as a mixer or on its by itself.

Charitea beverage bottle design
Charitea beverage bottle design

Package design is unique in the way that it is difficult to keep the materials to a minimum while keeping a sense of completeness. Today’s marketplace is crowded with products bloated with unnecessary packaging extras like boxes, wrappers, boxes within boxes, and the like. I think these extras do nothing except give the consumer the sense that the product really is worth the price.

This package of these beverages is minimalist yet definitely unique. They have message clarity. The product itself is part of the design in the case of ChariTea. The color of the tea is serving as a background for the white text and graphics on the bottle.

The design is nice, the proceeds go to a good cause, which is nice, and the bottles are easily recycled. Nice. The teas are acquired from fair-trade sources. Nice again. And, less packaging means less is used and therefore less to recycle.

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