Classic movie posters updated

Classic movie posters used to be very indicative of what was happening in the world of design at any given time. Yes, there were many that were derivative and looked like many other posters, but there was plenty of ground being covered and many unique posters. Not so much anymore. Many movie posters look alike today, and that’s about it. I was very glad to see this post by Communication Arts.

The post shows a sample of movie posters that were updated by update to advertise Turner Classic Movies’ summer movie event Summer Under The Stars. This annual programming event features the films of a different movie star each day during the month of August.

This year, New Jersey’s One Trick Pony launched a website that captured the films with an updated look to promote event. They all look great and really capture the films. The full Summer Under the Stars site launched August 1 , showcasing 31 posters for classic films, each redesigned with a contemporary look. The site featured a calendar of dowloadable posters, a full programming schedule complete with a video clip for each title, a Twitter feed that updated what was playing through the month, and a widget that highlighted a new photo and video that reflected the current programming schedule.

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