Flippin’ Genius: Flipboard looks awesome

So this iPad app exploded into the scene last week. Yes, Flipboard. Everyone’s talking about it! It flips!

Yes, it does. To me, that’s just eye-candy. The transition they chose to program on top of this app is the hook. What keeps me coming back is the look. It just looks great. They’ve put the content to the test, over and over and over. They’ve chosen a series of layouts, nit-picky typography, and  a minimalist color palette to showcase the content. Content is still king, and as long as you can make it look this good and throw in some eye-candy for the masses, you’re golden.

I did read an article pondering the legality of FlipBoard and its scraping technology–but that’s beside the point here. I think that now that they’ve made a splash and have some attention, they’ll get right on that legal thing ASAP. Especially with the list of content providers going around the block waiting to get in on this. Strike while it’s hot boys!

I really dig the FlipDesign section. Plenty of impeccable design to thumb through and admire.

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