The New HTML5 logo by the W3C

Speaking of Branding: HTML5 gets a logo

Looks like the W3C has announced a new HTML5 logo to brand their efforts to advance what may or may not become the new standard in web coding, the HTML5 web standard. It sure seems as if everything today needs some sort of branding. How else can we get a message across in a split second of someone’s attention? So, some gripe, some rejoice, some think that it’s controversial. Who, why?…

Who? Web developers. And they’re not addressing the looks of the logo. Why then? Well, web developers are stating that with the new orange and black crest, the W3C is using HTML5 as a general term that includes all upcoming web tools and interweaving standards such as CSS and SVG. The claim is that these separate technologies all have applications outside of HTML and therefore the new brand somehow places them “under” or “inside” a general term like HTML5. The issue’s not aesthetic. While they do have a point, who can say if any of us knew what those technologies are or that they exist if it weren’t for HTML. Yes, in 10 years nobody will be mentioning it much, but we’re here right now and HTML brought us here whether we like it or not. And as always with branding, connective technologies need a hero. A single icon or meme that spreads in people’s minds like wildfire. And HTML is already here, so why not?

Gizmodo designers took a stab at logos for some of these technologies. Check out the Gallery after the jump. They’re all good too.

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