HTML&CSS: design and build websites

Someone took the time to design a technology book

Finally, a book about learning some technology know-how that doesn’t burn your retina with its stark boringness. The book is HTML & CSS: design and build websites. Author Jon Duckett and designer Emme Stone designed this book from scratch. It’s very attractive and it should appeal to a whole new group of readers (designers). Its pages are chock-full of color and infographics, nice looking code samples, and they didn’t skimp on the white space. They ditched the old black and white screenshots and shot all of the examples in studio settings.

I get the feeling that the people who pick up this book have something of an advantage. I say this because designers are attracted to good design, and designers are usually better versed in technologies that are most likely already part of their tool set. There’s already enough software that lets designers design in an intuitive way and save or export as HTML with CSS already created, so one could argue that this book is pretty irrelevant. I say that instead, this book is the key to get that polished look using HTML & CSS. The power of CSS is the control they give you over the content of an entire site (like stylesheets do for print documents). And the more anyone is comfortable in the HTML & CSS trenches, the more potential there is for a high quality attractive design with polished code. Not only that but the next project becomes easier, and the next, and the next, and so on.

Jon Duckett, author; Jon Duckett/Emme Stone, designers; John Stewardson, photographer; Wiley, publisher. via Communication Arts.

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