80’s metal album covers travel back in time

The 80’s heavy metal scene left us with a vast collection of album covers that were clearly a very large part of the culture at the time. The album covers were a visual counterpart to the music, and just like the music they invoked a sense of place and a unique type of atmosphere. Images of warriors with swords, monsters, leather, blood, mythology and violence graced the cover of these albums creating an almost medieval type of alternate universe. Was it supposed to be the past? Was it supposed to be the future? Whatever the case, they were hard hitting, mesmerizing, and they took us all away.

But the same is true for other musical styles and their corresponding album covers. Musical styles tend to coalesce into a culture that produces a similar sound and communicates visually. Let’s take the 50’s Jazz era with their smooth typography, cleaner lines, basic shapes, and inclination to minimalism. Couldn’t be much further from 80’s heavy metal right? Well, yes. But… Things aren’t always what they seem.

Take a look at the way designer Rafa Melandi reimagined a bunch of iconic 80’s heavy metal album covers as 50’s jazz records. The result is absolute genius. Melandi manages to capture the essence of each album cover and transport them all to a new space that has the best of 80’s heavy metal album covers and the best of 50’s jazz album covers. Head on over to read a but more at The Verge or go check out row full gallery and the rest of Melandi’s work on Behance.

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