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Now You Can Be a Master Type Designer Too

There was a time when I wanted to design my own typeface as part of a graphic design methodology course. At the time all I was able to design was the word “typography” in my own custom style. It took some time in Illustrator. It was way faster than if I would have tried to do it by hand, but it was not enough to do the entire alphabet plus all the punctuation marks, accents, ligatures, you name it. I still think about that sometimes. Maybe when I’m retired. Been there?

Enter Megaflop by Marco Muller and Alexis Reigel. Simply visit Metaflop Modulator on a decently modern web browser and and you can design your own custom typeface and show the world what you too can be a great type designer. Just adjust a series of sliders until you’re happy with your typeface. The sliders let you adjust character proportions as well as the width and height of several character elements like the x-height and the cap-height tom come up with a character set that is all your own. Live previews let you keep adjusting until it’s perfect. When it is (perfect) you can export the font file in OpenType or webfont format and download it to your computer so you can use it on your next project. You can also get some inspiration by browsing the Metafonts page and see what folks have come up with using the same tool.

Leave it to technology to come up with a fast and easy(ish) way to design your own custom typeface. On the web. For free. There it is. Now what are we all going to do? Give it a shot! I know I will.

Metaflop Modulator | Metaflop via Lifehacker

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