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Redesigned crutches do away with destroyed armpits

Remember playing with your friend’s crutches when they broke their leg? I do. Remember giving them back quickly because your armpits were completely destroyed after 2 minutes of using them? Yep. I’ve never broken a leg or had any kind of injury that required me to use crutches for any period of time so I can’t imagine the kind of pain that folks go though whenever they have to use crutches for any period of time. Ouch.

Turns out others have noticed this, and the folks at M+D have redesigned the crutch. In their own words:

We set out to design a better crutch, one that improved on what we saw as the greatest problems with under arm crutches and forearm crutches.

The result is a revolutionary new crutch that improves everything about crutches, from where the user bears their weight down on the crutch, to reducing stress on the wrists and hands, better movement control,

Little details like retracting handles and pivoting arm rests allow the user more freedom like the ability to use their hands to handle objects over a counter or reach for things while the crutches continue to support the weight of the user.

Everything is new and better down to the bottom. The bottom of the feet provide more cushion to absorb shock and reduce stress, and more grip on the ground for more stability while moving around.

The company is close to getting the M+D Crutch to production and reserve price is currently set to $100 (not too bad really). Hopefully the price is reasonable enough that it is adopted by a large number of folks. If they are able to stick it out and they are able to achieve massive adoption, and my friend breaks a leg and gets a pair of these babies, I’ll be able to mess around with them–and it won’t destroy my armpits.

[Gizmodo via Mobility Designed via Tech Insider]

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