Grand Budapest Hotel Movie Poster Reimagined

Movie Posters Get Retro Upgrades

Designer Peter Stults has reimagined movie posters and given them a retro design upgrade. The retro upgrade not only makes for a better movie poster for each movie,  but also reimagines the cast of the movies and replaces the actors with actors from the appropriate time. Make sense? For example, the poster for The Grand Budapest Hotel features a decidedly 60’s layout and typography treatment, and the cast is replaced by stars like Lawrence Olivier, Charles Bronson, and Susannah York, all of which could have been in such a movie if the movie was filmed in the 1960’s. The result gives all the posters a surreal/alternate-universe quality that makes one want to watch these movies more than the actual movies with their real and contemporary movie posters and actual cast.

The Life Aquatic Movie Poster Reimagined
The Life Aquatic Movie Poster Reimagined

Stults was interviewed by Gizmodo. Here is how his mind works:

“Reading up on film and film history, I always got intrigued with the things that could have been and/or never were,” Stults wrote in an email. “Those scenarios and tidbits let my mind to wander on the ‘what if’ theme. Then everything else sort of came together.”

I also learned that Stults has been reimagining movie posters since 2012 (Gizmodo article from 2012), and that he gets inspiration from the Fake Criterion Tumblr (Note to self: Follow this Tumblr).

The posters I chose to include here are courtesy of Peter Stults (Behance gallery) and I chose them in honor of my wife who is a Wes Anderson fan.

[Peter Stults] via [Gizmodo]

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