Movie Posters Get Retro Upgrades

Designer Peter Stults has reimagined movie posters and given them a retro design upgrade. The retro upgrade not only makes for a better movie poster for each movie,  but also reimagines the cast of the movies and replaces the actors with actors from the appropriate time. Make sense? For example, the poster for The Grand Budapest Hotel … Continue reading Movie Posters Get Retro Upgrades

Awesome movie posters from 2011

Designer Daily brings us another one of their great collections. This one looks at movie posters from last year. Most seem to be from indie films which is not just OK, but pretty appropriate and not surprising since most Hollywood big budget blockbuster movie posters aren’t really concerned with good design. Instead they want to … Continue reading Awesome movie posters from 2011

Vintage movie posters from all times and places

I have to admit that I was looking forward to seeing the posters in this collection by Designer Daily. I think they’re very good for the most part. But the ones that I’m still thinking about are the ones that I did not expect to see in this collection. I didn’t have any posters in … Continue reading Vintage movie posters from all times and places

American Cold War propaganda

Head back over to Designer Daily for a different collection of Cold War propaganda. This time the focus is on pro-america. All the examples are from post World War II. It also covers literature and comic books, media and advertising, and movies. Note how much more commercial the types of media that are covered. The nature of the west or a product of the post-WWII boom, or both?